External Content Insert Program

Does your content strategy require you to bring in traffic to your website? Or you need relevant traffic to feed your lead funnel? With our external content program, your sponsored article links directly to your website. So you can capture 100% of the traffic.

How It Works

Visitors See a Sponsor Article by You

Your article and brand will gain free impressions during your ad placement period.

Visitors Click on Your Sponsored Article

You can customize your sponsor article’s title, subheadline, and thumbnail image for maximum CTR.

Visitors Redirected to Your Website

With the destination URL (UTM-allowed, do-follow) you provided, visitors will open a new tab and land on your own website’s landing page.

Key Features and Benefits

Extremely Easy To Setup

All you need to submit is the article title, destination URL, and optionally a thumbnail image. Your ad can be running the next day.

Unlimited Impressions and Clicks

You are not paying by impressions or clicks, so there is no limit to the traffic you could receive.

Integrate With Any Content Strategy

Since the website traffic goes directly to your own website, you have complete control of the lead generation experience and tracking method.

Juicy SEO value to your website

Gaining a legitimate do-follow backlink to your website can significantly boost your overall SEO ranking.


    • After your purchase, our editorial team will reach out and collect and review your material.
    • If for editorial reasons we cannot accept your material, you will be fully refunded.

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