Evolution of James Bond's Style

by David Romo on

Expensive cars, awesome gadgets, and stunning women. We could go on about what makes the Bond films so spectacular. Instead we're focusing on the evolution of Bond’s style...

Why Rami Malek is Our Style Icon

by Madeleine Hettich on

This Emmy winning actor has some serious style game. 

The Style of North By Northwest

by Madeleine Hettich on

The film is filled with spies, romance, adventure, and daring escapes – consequently the style is certainly something worth taking a look at. 

Why John David Washington is Our Style Icon

by Madeleine Hettich on

John David Washington is quickly becoming one of the hottest breakout stars of the summer. In both his TV and film credits it’s become clear that he has...

10 Tropical Vacation Essentials

by Madeleine Hettich on

With cool weather rolling in it never hurts to start planning your warm weather getaway now. Since so many of us are heading to tropical beaches and sunshine, we’ve...

History of Men's Golf Fashion

by David Romo on - 1 Comment

Picture yourself in the early 1500s standing along the green moors of Scotland with a golf ball at your feet. You hold a sturdy wooden club in your...

Talk Golf To Me

by Madeleine Hettich on

Whatever the reason, bosses seem to really love golf - and talking about it with them can be a foot in the door for promotions and pay raises....

Dress Like a Boss for Less

by David Romo on

Don Draper. Harvey Specter. James Bond. These are powerful men who know how to get their jobs done and look good while doing them. Most of us can’t...

Off the Field: the Fashion of FIFA

by Madeleine Hettich on

FIFA brings together the best of the best. The best athletes, coaches, and fans all in one place. This means getting to see some of the best dressers...

Healthier Skin Equals Better Success at Work

by David Romo on

It’s common knowledge that people who are perceived as more confident have a better chance at success. Demonstrating a positive image will naturally draw others to your presence. There are steps you can take to...